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Over $100,000.00 a month in revenue. Started with a brochure request and a phone call. Ordered a site and followed everything Jay Servidio told me to do without question. Now 2 years later I have zero financial insecurities. Staff at Teleteria to be awesome and very well trained. All together a very impressive group. I wish more companies did business like them, Thanks Teleteria. Follow them on
Francis T. Florida
I found and requested their brochure.They called me and explained all the details and showed some of the recent sites they did and was really impressed. They have been online since 1994. I dont know any other company with that level of online experience. I ordered a site. I started with one and quickly ordered 3 more. The money I make allowed me to quit my job and do this full time. Thanks Jay.
Ahmad R. California
Like most people I was very skeptical with the subject of online gambling. I requested info from and immediately got a phone call from Jay answered my questions and explained how the industry works and how my site can get traffic and profit. My husband and I ordered a site and made back our initial investment and made a profit of over $10,000.00 in less then 2 months. We then ordered 5 more sites and repeated the process of marketing the sites to profit. I love it. We make money on gaming and the sports betting is huge. Thank you Teleteria. Thank you to the entire staff at Teleteria. A great supportive bunch.
Allyson F. Ohio
I met with and talked to
First I tried a cheaper adult site company owned by some guy John and it was trash. He never returned my calls and I lost my cash. I knew about but thought they were too expensive and I was dead wrong. They offer the ONLY correct way to get into the business correct. I got both casino and adult sites and in my 4th month my sites cleared over $18,000.00 PROFIT. Do business with
Teleteria Reviews Jose R. Vermont
I read all about and read all the good and bad. I called him and right away he was very direct and I trusted him listening to him explain the back story of his company and the business. I also follow him on I am a client now for a year and have already profited over $85,000.00.
I highly recommend Jay Servidio and
Teleteria Reviews Matthew D. Utah
Divorced mom raising 2 kids on my own with no child support. Kids cost huge money every day. I was not about to let my life and my kids life go down the drain financially. I called and discussed the business till I got comfortable. Then invested in a site and three months later used my profits to get 4 more sites. I had no idea I could do this well with little computer skills. I am grateful to Jay Servidio and
Teleteria Reviews Paula J. Arizona
For years in the oil business here in North Dakota. Great money and long hours. My wife wanted me to look online for a legitimate money making opportunity and everything pointed to sex and gambling and all roads lead to We requested a brochure in November of 2015 and got to speak to directly.We started a casino/sports betting site in Jan 2016. We started linking it right away and traffic slowly built up traffic and started a page. told us to keep linking our site to directories. Our site did just over $100,000.00 in revenue so far and we could not be happier. We are on track to fund both our kids college funds and start paying down the mortgage alot sooner. I am so grateful to and
Teleteria Reviews Albert R. North Dakota
Teleteria Reviews

Teleteria Reviews

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